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Rest Assured - Herritage Range - Weightmaster

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Heavy duty - Firm support - Hi-Tech 6 turn coil -
Body zone - Dual sided quality mattress - SANS 1005 approved - Genuine knitted ticking.
What makes this mattress unique?

Body Zone: A “body zone” consists of 10 high-density foam bars in the middle third of the mattress. These foam bars offer reinforced support where most of the body’s weight is applied.

6-turn Hi-Tech Coil: Our Hi-Tech spring unit is power-packed, containing 30% more coils. The most reliable way to evaluate the “quality” of an innerspring is based on the weight of the steel. This 6-turn coil has 33,3% more working wire than a 5-turn coil. This allows the coil to support and interact with the body. Our queen mattress has 37 metres more wire than an ordinary 5-turn coil mattress (12 cm more wire per coil).

Double Tempered Coils: These coils are more durable than non-tempered coils due to, firstly, electrical treatment and, secondly, a heating process that solidifies the shape of the spring unit. Our double-tempered spring unit is suitable for persons with a larger build.

Delta Wedge: A Delta wedge is placed on the side of the mattress to prevent edge-roll and to maximise the sleeping surface.

Quality fillings: The Weightmaster mattress is upholstered in genuine knitted ticking, micro-quilted to buoyant layers of polyester fibre and foam. This relieves the pressure in key areas where body weight is applied and enhances comfort and fatigue recovery. For the comfort and support layers inside the Weightmaster mattress we use high-density, foam (PU). These layers of foam provide surface comfort and a luxurious feel.

For additional support, a secondary layer of firm chip foam is inserted. This layer consists of foam chips that have been reconstituted to form an ultra-hard sheet, providing optimum support while being flexible, enabling the spring unit to mould to the body. The Weightmaster also has a natural coir fibre and cotton wadding pad that is needle-punched onto breathable materials to provide essential mattress support.

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