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Rest Assured - Evolution Range - St Andrews

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Tempered Pocketed Spring - SABS SANS 1005
approved - Motion separation. - Firm dual-sided quality -
No sagging edges


What makes this mattress unique?

Motion separation: Only springs to which pressure is applied will react or move, giving completely independent, disturbance-free support (motion separation), perfectly supporting the body in any lying position. Thanks to the fabric insulation of each spring, there is no squeaking.

Military Pocket spring system: Pocket spring mattresses give finely focused support through the elasticity of each individual spring. Each spring is wrapped in its own fabric pocket and a large number of pockets are glued together in rows to form a pocketed spring system. The St Andrews has a Military Pocket spring system, this term is used to describe the way in which the pockets are glued to each other forming long straight pocketed spring rows.

Response Range: Pocket springs provide the greatest “response range”, which means they can be softer during initial compression and firmer during deeper compression. They also have the advantage of providing greater “point elasticity” - the ability to follow the profile of the body so that the gentle up thrust of a pocketed spring mattress lets the body relax completely.

Pre-set springs: Through pre-setting, the spring is compressed flat, to eliminate initial sagging in the mattress. Springs that are pre-set like this have a “permanent set” preventing any further drop during use.

Perfect Posture: Our pocketed springs respond to your body’s unique shape and weight to help reduce pressure points, making you more comfortable and giving your spine better support, since each coil responds independently from its neighbour, there is no hammock effect. The independent-response springs provide a more natural spinal alignment and more even pressure distribution

Luxurious Layers: The St. Andrews mattress is upholstered in genuine knitted woven ticking, micro-quilted to buoyant layers of polyester-fibre and foam. This relieves the pressure in key areas where body weight is applied and enhances comfort and fatigue recovery.

Firm chip foam is the secondary layer of support inside our mattresses. This layer consists of foam chips that have been reconstituted to form an ultra-hard sheet, providing optimum support while being flexible enough to mould in accordance with the body contours

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