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Have the endlessly hot summer days left you peeling your sticky body off the leather couch?

Are the intoxicating smells of the neighbours baking disrupting your concentration?
Is your goldfish starting to look exhausted and dehydrated?
Does the stuffiness and heat in your office leave staff members miserable and short tempered?

Fans don’t only cool the room; they also circulate the air keeping it in motion which maintains humidity levels as well as provide ventilation.
Fans come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as:

Desk fans:  Ideal for homes and offices as they can be moved around easily.  Available in sizes ranging from 18-30 cm, bigger fans will cool a larger area.
Pedestal fans: Great for larger rooms as they provide circulation to a wide area.

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Tower fan: the sleek tower-style fan is a great space saving option and perfect for tight corners.
Ceiling fan:provides a gentle breeze and provide great relief during hot summer nights.

A&A Furnishers offers a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances in Cape Town.

Features of a fan could include:

Oscillating head – nsuring the largest area is cooled
Speed settings – Adjust to control the temperature of the room.
Tilt action - Directs the fan to whatever angle is required.
Timer- Controls the length of operating time.  Some fans come with sleep timers allowing automatic turning off.
Remote control – Some fans come with convenient remotes.
Protective cage/mesh grill– Provides protection, a necessity if you have small children or pets.
Ionizers - Help reduce the amount of airborne particles.

Most fans, however, are rated according to brand, size, and number of blades with four-blade electric fans being the most common.
Remember that if you are buying a fan for a conservatory or north-facing room, increase the size of the model slightly to compensate for the warmer temperatures of these rooms.

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A&A Furnishers stocks all top quality fan brands including:

Morphy Richards
Russell Hobbs

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