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Are even the cats’ eyes swelling up as a result of the growing layer of hair covering your entire home?

Ever wonder where all the dust comes from?

Tired of sweeping your wooden floors day in and out?
Too scared to insert your hands underneath your student sons’ bed in fear of what lurks beneath?

There is nothing like a trusty ol vacuum cleaner to help easy even the most mundane of tasks.  Vacuuming is more efficient and versatile than sweeping with a variety of different adjustments ensuring virtually no area or surface is out of reach.

Vacuum cleaners come in two varieties, the versatile canister and the uprights.  Both operate equally well so your decision should rest upon how much and what storage space is available.

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There is also little difference between bag and bagless vacuum cleaners.  Bagless cleaners are cheaper as they save you money on not having to purchase bags, however they can be messy to empty and clean. While vacuums with bags contains the dust and dirt, but can be difficult when trying to find an earring or small object that has accidentally been sucked up.   Bio degradable bags are also available and can simply be dumped onto the compost heap providing a hearty feast for microbes and insects.

Additional adjustments could include tools such as a crevice nozzle for narrow corners and around chairs, an upholstery brush for curtains and soft furnishings and a dusting brush for blinds and such.

What to consider when purchasing a new vacuum cleanerWeight– how light is it?

Sound pollution – how noisy or quiet is it?
Manoeuvrability - over carpet and hard surfaces.
Cord length – is it sufficient to avoid constantly changing plug power points?
Storage design – is it neat and compact allowing easy storage?
HEPA (high-efficiency air filtration) filter – are you an asthmatic, allergic to dust?  These filters trap the dust particles more efficiently than standard filters, however they do come at a higher price.

Some features of a vacuum cleaner could include:

Adjustable wand: Allowing you to adjust the wand to suit your height, this will help prevent backache.

Dustbag: Disposable paper dustbags are easier and cleaner to use than reusable cloth bags, which have to be shaken to remove the dirt. Check whether the vacuum uses a disposable or a reusable dust collector.
Variable suction power: This feature allows you to adjust the suction power to suit even the most delicate of jobs such as blinds and curtains.
Dustbag-full indicator: A convenient feature which indicates when the dustbag needs cleaning out.
Blower: Especially good for blowing up airbeds.
Onboard storage for accessories: Handy and time saving to be able to have fast and easy access to the various accessories- will also prevent loosing parts.
Retractable cord: Far more convenient than having to wind up the cord manually, however uprights are unable to offer this.

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