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Given up searching for that perfect iron-free, wash n wear LBD?

Got an important job interview or presentation in need of that additional crispness in your attire?
Are you a lawyer or accountant, perhaps in the army, police force or nursing industry?
Even if you are a firm believer of not ironing your clothes, there comes a time for every household to need an iron.  Weddings, parties or serious meetings all require tip top styling.

A&A Furnishers offers a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances in Cape Town including all major branded irons.
Irons come in a variety of sizes with a multitude of different functions.

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Features that could be included on your iron:

Steam – works wonders on wrinkles.  Ensure the water reservoir is convenient to fill and there are sufficient steam vents.
Non-stick coated finish or stainless steel soleplate – helps protect the fabric whilst making gliding easy and non stick.  Makes ironing quicker.
Swivel cord base – for more versatile handling.
Variable heat/fabric settings – select the correct temperature for safe ironing of various fabrics from cottons to silk.
Automatic shut-off - if left idle for several minutes - this is a great feature, but it's not available on all models.

And bear in mind that the higher the watts, the hotter the iron and quicker the ironing but the higher the electricity usage.
Enquire with of our friendly consultants about our kitchen appliance specials or visit our store to see our wide range of household appliances for sale in Cape Town.

A&A Furnishers stocks all top quality iron brands including:

Morphy Richards
Russell Hobbs

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