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Siemens WM10K200ME
iQ 300 Washing Machine with varioPerfect for flexibly saving time or energy.  &n..
Smeg LSTA147S
Smeg washing machine, 4 kg tub capacity, 1.400 RPM washing speed...
Smeg WM148WSA
Programs / Functions    Number of programmes 16Display residual time visual..
Whirlpool 3SWTW4800YQ
Durable top loading Whirlpool washing machine with a 10.5kg load capacity and 640rpm spin ..
Whirlpool AWP7100SL
6th SENSE® TechnologyConstantly knows how dirty your washing is, using just enough water..
Whirlpool AWP7100WH
Width of the product 595Width of the packed product 640Depth of the pr..
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Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Is your washing machine able to keep up with the ongoing supply? Are you wasting precious water with your aged washing machine?
Is your laundry looking worse for ware after a cycle? Was your favourite shrunken mohair jersey the nail in your washing machines coffin?

It’s a well know fact that washing machines are one of the major consumers of energy and water in your home.  For this reason, when wanting to buy a washing machine capacity, energy and water efficiency must be your top of mind.

A&A Furnishers offers a wide range of washing machines for sale in Cape Town.  Innovative brands include LG washing machines, Siemens along with Samsung washing machines and of course Bosch washing machines.  For durability check out the Whirlpool washing machines whereas a Speed Queen washing machine can handle a huge capacity.  For design innovations smeg and Gaggenau are long standing favourites.

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Front loader vs Top loader

Another important factor to consider is the various washing machine styles. A front loader washing machine requires that you bend in order to load the machine, thus they are harder on the back. Top loader washing machines became popular for precisely the opposite reason. However, front loader washing machines can be integrated under countertops and cabinets, or can hold a matching dryer on top of the unit, whereas top loader washing machines cannot.

Conventional top loader washing machines save energy with automatic temperature controls which regulate the maximum temperature. E.g. if you select “hot wash”, it will add cooler water so as not to go above a certain set temperature.  Likewise, they may offer several “warm” to “cool” settings that use progressively cooler temperatures to save energy.  Nonetheless, you still have to fill the entire tub with the water in both the wash and rinse cycles.

High-efficiency agitator Top Loader washing machines employ automatic temperature controls to save energy.  They only fill part way with water at the beginning of the wash cycle, then sprays the concentrated detergent allowing it to soak for a while before filling the rest of the washing machine with cold water (to save energy).  These top loaders spin at an incredibly 1,000rpm which is the same as many front loaders.

High-efficiency, low-profile-agitator Top Loader washing machines save water much like the above mentioned top loader, but many have the additional option to fill the entire tub with water for bulky items.  The low-profile-agitator is able to circulate clothes in a tub that is only partially filled with water.  To dampen clothing faster, some spray the water/detergent solution over the load at various points in the wash portion of the cycle.  These top loaders can also spin as fast as a front loader washing machine.

The most obvious difference with the high-efficiency Front Loader washing machine is that the tub is on its side.  This means that each “fill” only uses a few litres to maintain a small ‘pool’ of water at the bottom.

Due to the lack of an agitator, the entire drum can be utilised increasing capacity.  And even though these front loader washing machines change water more times than a top loader, overall water use can be up to 2/3 less than top loaders. Another energy saving feature is the fact that it only uses a few litres of hot water during the first fill.  These machines spin at 1,000 rpm or more.

There are also combination washer/dryers.

Size matters!

Washing machines come in various sizes and can cater equally for large or small families.  Take into consideration your capacity requirements when making your decision.
For one or two people compact washing machine will suffice.  These washing machines are about 60cm wide and can handle about 2.5kg – 5kg of laundry.

Average size families will benefit from a conventional full-size washing machine, from around 60cm wide and can hold between 3 and 6kg of laundry. They offer powerful spin speeds and can handle smaller loads by using the half-load or quick wash settings.

Large families or people with consistent large loads require large-capacity washing machines. Handling over 7kg of laundry at a time, these machines maybe large, but they can be as energy efficient as smaller models as it means fewer washes.  Always measure and make sure that you have enough space for this washing machine.

Useful washing machine features:

Automatic Program settings that will automatically calculate and adjust the level of water and time needed to complete a load.
Delay Start allows you to select when you'd like the wash to start at a later time so you can benefit from off-peak electric rates or have the machine run at a time that is more convenient for you.

There are also varying wash cycles, such as for Delicates or Heavy Wash that assists in washing different types of clothing for the best results.
A new exciting innovation is the Steam feature. Steam provides stain-removing power, offers sanitizing properties and has the ability to refresh and remove wrinkles from stale clothing.
Look for washing machines with added insulation for vibration reduction and improved ‘sport’ suspension, ideal if close to sleeping areas or on an upper floor.
Some conventional top loaders reduce water usage by using spray rinses instead of a deep rinse.
Some improvements on washing machines for sale include mid-wash soaking and more aggressive agitation. You'll also find more programmable wash menus and even built-in USB ports that allow for future software upgrades.

Colours - White and metallic

So if you are in the market to buy a washing machine, visit our store where one of our friendly consultants can inform you of our washing machine specials offering cheap washing machines for sale.

Don’t forget – WE DELIVER!

We stock top quality, reputable brands such as:

AEG washing machines
Bosch washing machines
Defy washing machines
Electrolux washing machines
Kelvinator washing machines
LG washing machines
Samsung washing machines
Speed Queen washing machines
Siemens washing machines
Smeg washing machines
Whirlpool washing machines



Water usage - a conventional top loader uses 180 plus litres per load. A high-efficiency washer uses about 90 or less.
Water is costly to heat. A conventional washing machine fills the entire tub with the warm-to-hot water. High efficiency washing machines reduce the hot water usage by only partially filling the tub.
Water extraction. High efficiency washing machines spin faster to remove more water. Less water in the clothes means less time in the dryer therefore less energy is spent.
Detergent usage. Typically, high efficiency washing machines require less detergent and bleach than what manufacturers recommend.
You will also do fewer loads as high-efficiency washing machines have a greater capacity which will further reduces energy consumption.