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Televisions - LED

Are you interested in energy efficient, smart technologies?

Does size really matter?

A&A Furnishers stock a wide variety of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) TV’s in every imaginable size.
Our friendly consultants, armed with a vast amount of television know-how are on hand to assist in making an informed LED purchasing decision.

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What is LED (Light Emitting Diodes)?

Technically speaking, an LED TV is also an LCD TV, because both screens consist of a liquid crystal display.  These crystals however don’t produce any light, which rather comes from a series of lamps at the back of the screen. On an LCD TV, these lamps are fluorescent, whilst on an LED TV they are Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

There are two types of LED methods of providing the back lighting to the screen:
Edge lighting (with or without local dimming) and full array lighting (with or without local dimming).

The majority of LED TVs are edge-lit without local dimming.  This means that LEDs are only placed along the edge of the LCD panel; this then uses “light guides” to illuminate the centre and other areas of the screen.

New technologies have seen the introduction of an enhanced LED version called ‘edge lit with local dimming’.  Experiences better picture quality as the black levels becomes darker, providing a visual feast even for those very discerning viewers.

Benefits of LED TVs:

1. Better viewing angles:  The result of a thicker and superior quality glass panel.
2. Energy efficient:  LED TVs uses less light to display pictures.
3. Slim sized: LED TVs are slightly slimmer in size when compared to LCD TVs
4. Advanced technology: LED TVs offers more advanced TVs offering better picture and sound quality.

So if it's a new LED TV you are after, make A&A Furnishers your one-stop appliance shop in Cape Town.

Top quality brands include:

Samsung LED TVs
Sony LED TVs

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