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Rest Assured - Evolution Range - Oxford
Tempered Pocketed Spring - SABS SANS 1005approved - Motion separation. - Firm dual-sided q..
Rest Assured - Evolution Range - St Andrews
Tempered Pocketed Spring - SABS SANS 1005approved - Motion separation. - Firm dual-sided q..
Rest Assured - Heritage Range - MQ10
MQ10Traditional - Firm support - 6 turn coil - Hip zone - Dual sided quality mattress - Ap..
Rest Assured - Herritage Range - Weightmaster
WeightmasterHeavy duty - Firm support - Hi-Tech 6 turn coil -Body zone - Dual sided qualit..
Rest Assured 152 x 188 - Queen Size - Twickenham
Rest Assured 152 x 188- Queen Size - Twickenham Fitted with an Evolution Pocket Coil syste..
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Beds & Mattress

A&A Furnishers have been supplying families since 1959 so follow in your parents and grandparents footsteps when needing reputable and reliable appliances or household items.

We look forward to meeting you and remember - WE DELIVER!

Mattress & Beds

Is the master bedroom yearning for a new king size bed?
Do you plan on extending the family and in the market for single beds, ¾ beds or simply a single mattress?

Or do you wake up to a sore, achy lower back or stiff neck…
Perhaps its time to buy a bed, or at least start looking for beds for sale in Cape Town.
Low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, mid back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and stiffness are some of the symptoms of inferior or aging beds and mattresses.

Mattresses are one of the most important factors to avoid joint and muscular pain, considering that the average person spends at least 7 hours in bed each day. Sleeping on a bad non-supportive (sagging or lump) mattress causes tenderness as it lacks support and can effect the alignment of the spine.

How to buy a bed

It is definitely worth taking time to select the best mattress, providing not only comfort, but also the necessary support to ensure a good nights sleep.

Chiropractors will advise that it’s very important to maintain a natural or neutral alignment in the hips and spinal column when in bed. Your mattress needs to support the body, allowing the hips and spine to recover from daily tasks such as standing, sitting, bending, twisting and so forth.

Good beds can be anything from 20cm to 45 cm\'s deep with sufficient spring coils to provide support whilst allowing for the natural curves and alignment of the spine.

Fortunately A&A Furnishers has supplied beds in Cape Town for over 50 years, resulting in peaceful sleep and healthy postures.

Don\'t let the cost of beds frighten you, A&A Furnishers stocks all leading bed and mattress brands such as Simmons beds, Cloud Nine mattress and beds, Rest Assured and locally produced Contour Bedding - we can certainly find the perfect beds for you and your family.

We literally stock beds for Africa, so if it\'s a single, three quarter, double bed, queen size bed, bed base or foam mattress you need, make A&A Furnishers your one-stop bed shop in Cape Town where the cost of beds will always suit your budget. Some beds are available in standard length 188cm or extra length 200cm.

Let one of our friendly staff with a collective of over 250 years of experience help select the perfect beds for the correct sleeping solution for you.

You can even order your beds online and don’t forget – WE DELIVER!

We supply the following:

King size beds and mattresses
Queen size beds and mattresses
Double beds and mattresses
¾ beds and mattresses
Single beds and mattresses