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Could you not survive the day without your morning cuppa?

Kettles have evolved rapidly from their whistling days with wide variety o of style and functionality to choose from.  Choosing the right kettle comes down to how it will suite your kitchen and how frequently do you use it.
A&A Furnishers offers a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances in Cape Town including a large range of colourful kettles.

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How to buy a new kettle

Price: Range from the less expensive simple plastic kettles to more costly designer models with metal finishes and extra features. To save further costs buy the matching toaster at the same time.
Size and weight:  To avoid unnecessary strain on the wrist and arm when handling a kettle test in-store picking up and tipping the kettle to see which works best.
Capacity: Kettle capacity tends to lie in the 1.5-1.7 litre range (a litre is about four cups of water).

Ease of use:  Select a light kettle with a comfy grip that can be filled through the spout or has a release button to pop the lid for east of use.

Cordless: Easier to move around than kettles with electrical chords and safer with children as it reduces the chance that they might accidentally pull the cord and tip the kettle over.
Speed of boiling: he higher the wattage, the more powerful the kettle is and the faster it will heat water up. ‘Rapid boil’ kettles are over 3000W and will boil significantly quicker.
Energy efficiency: Look out for Energy Saver kettles to help reduce costs.

Colour and finish:Kettles come in a wide variety of colours and finishes, some even illuminate when boiled.  Decide on what would suit your current kitchen style best.
Element: Most are stainless steel, although there are also gold versions available (which are more resistant to scale). Concealed elements are easier to clean and de-scale.

Filter:  Filters in the kettle attract lime scale particles out of the water, and filters in the spout filter out and last particles from going into your drink. Removable and washable filters allow you to clean out the lime scale from time to time.

Water gauge: Allows you to see how much water is in the kettle and can prevent you boiling too much or too little.
Safety features: These include boil dry safety cut out to prevent your kettle boiling dry, cool touch handles and lids prevent you burning yourself and locking lids.
To save electricity only boil the amount of water you need but make sure that the heating element is covered.
Enquire with of our friendly consultants about our kitchen appliance specials or visit our store to see our wide range of household appliances for sale in Cape Town.

A&A Furnishers stocks all top quality kettle brands including:

    Morphy Richards
    Russell Hobbs

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