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Is your home similar to Norway’s famous Ice Hotel during the Winter months?

Are you experiencing misty-breath when you exhale indoors?
Is work becoming a struggle as your fingers slowly start freezing slowing down progress?

Heaters can be less expensive to use if you only want to heat one room.  For elderly people, babies and those sensitive to cold, heaters can also be used to boost the temperature of these rooms without overheating the entire home. A&A Furnishers offers a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances in Cape Town including a large selection of top quality heating brands.

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There are different types of heaters to choose from:

Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly heats up surrounding objects and people.  These are more efficient if used for only a few hours as they heat the immediate surroundings and not the entire room.

Convection (non-radiant) heaters incorporate a heat transfer liquid such as oil which is heated by an electric element.  The oil stores the heat more effectively reducing the cycle and providing a constant heat source.Gas heaters can heat any room within minutes without the hassle of the plug and cord limitations. Gas heaters are energy efficient and cost effective with the practicality of being able to move easily throughout the house.Heaters working at optimum levels use less energy while heating more efficiently. Safety is to be of top consideration when using any heater as it attributes to a large percentage of residential fires and burn injuries each year.

How to purchase a heater:

Ensure that the heater has all the current safety features.
Thermostatically controlled heaters avoid the energy waste of overheating a room.
Check the general sizing table to help choose the correct size heater for the room you wish to heat.

Enquire with of our friendly consultants about our kitchen appliance specials or visit our store to see our wide range of household appliances for sale in Cape Town.

A&A Furnishers stocks all top quality heater brands including:

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