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Speed Queen LES33
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Tumble Dryers

Do you run the risk of burning your home down by drying your socks in the oven? Do you despise ironing?

Hanging your washing out to dry is not always possible, bad weather or the lack of sufficient drying area could result in your laundry having to hang strategically throughout the house causing condensation.

A&A Furnishers offers a large selection of top quality tumble dryers for sale.  Our friendly staff will be on hand to off all the technical information to help make the best choice when purchasing a new tumble dryer.
Tumble dryers are incredibly convenient as they not only speed up the drying process, it leaves fabrics soft, fluffy and crease free if hung up while still warm.

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There are two main types of tumble-dryers to choose from: vented or condenser dryers.

a) A vented tumble dryer discharges the damp air produced by the drying process outside of the home via a vent. Placed either infront or on the side and behind the tumble dryer.
b) A condenser tumble dryer separates the moisture from the air into a container which is emptied after drying.  Condenser tumble dryers are a little more expensive to purchase and run, but come with the convenience of not having to install a vent or use a hose.

Tumble dryers have energy efficiency and drying performance grading from A to G, A being the most economical. Tumble dryers use more energy than washing machines, but investing in a higher rated machine, spinning your washing sufficiently and not overloading the tumble dryer will help keep these costs down.

A delay timer can also be helpful in keeping running costs down as you can set the tumble dryer to work at night or during at a cheaper electricity tariff.

Tumble dryer features can include:

a) Heat:the types of heat settings vary but will consist of at least two settings for cottons or synthetics.  Some tumble dryers also offer a setting for delicates.
b) Sensors/timers: a handy feature which detects if the load is dry helping to save on unnecessary drying time.  Timers will also allow you to select your tumble dryers running time.
c) Automatic drying: The more expensive tumble dryers contain built in sensors known as ‘fuzzy logic’ which will automatically determine the most efficient drying programme and time for the load.
d) Reverse tumble:For a quick and even dry, the reverse tumble feature rotates the drum in both directions in order to separate and transfer the heat evenly.
e) Crease reduction: Some machines will continue to rotate intermittently after the program is done to avoid creasing whilst the tumble dryer waits to be emptied.

Enquire with of our friendly consultants about our current tumble dryer prices or specials or visit our store to see our wide range of tumble dryers for sale in Cape Town.

Don't forget - WE DELIVER!

A&A Furnishers can supply you with reputable brands such as:

AEG tumble dryers
Bosch tumble dryers
Defy tumble dryers
Electrolux tumble dryers
Kelvinator tumble dryers
LG tumble dryers
Siemens tumble dryers
Smeg tumble dryers
Samsung tumble dryers
Speed Queen tumble dryers
Whirlpool tumble dryers