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Microwave Ovens

Microwave | Grill & Convection Microwave Ovens

Have you always been voted least likely to a Chef in the culinary department?

Do you enjoy the convenience of eating home made pre-packed meals ready in minutes and without messing the kitchen?
Forgot to defrost the roast and your guests are arriving in less than two hours?

Microwave ovens where once considered luxury appliances, but have since evolved into a main tool found in the kitchen.  Safe, fast and convenient, microwave ovens heat food fast and efficiently, also handy for defrosting, baking, steaming, roasting and even making popcorn.

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A&A Furnishers offers a large selection of top quality microwave ovens for sale.

Types of Microwave ovens:

Traditional microwave ovens – The most common and cheapest microwave oven which can be used to cook, reheat and defrost. Models range from fairly simple to microwave ovens with a variety of timesaving features. Microwave with grill element – Least expensive of the heat-producing models, these ovens offer grilling and toasting features along with the standard microwave oven features.  Beware not to confuse with a convection oven which has the addition of a fan to circulate the air evenly.Microwave/convection oven combinations are best for baking offering a combination of microwave and a convection heat cycle.  Also good for defrosting, reheating and convection roasting.Speedcook/halogen microwave ovens utilise heat produced by halogen bulbs together with the traditional microwave oven.  Can be used for baking and roasting large birds or meats.  Offers the quickest roasting times and overall fastest cooking time.

Features on microwave ovens can include:

Pre-programmed cooking uses one touch to start cooking.
Programmable cooking allows you to select the amount of power and time required.
Convection cooking allows for browning and crisping.
Sensor cooking heats the food utilising the humidity from moisture in the food.
Minute plus optionsfor quick cooking.
Automatic one touch defrost.

When it comes to deciding on the size of your new microwave oven the rule of thumb is the larger your family the larger your oven should be. Also consider the size of your current casserole or favourite cooking dishes to avoid having to purchase new tableware. Our consultants are well equipped to provide you with all the technical information and help you select the perfect microwave oven for you.

Enquire with of our friendly consultants about our microwave oven specials and visit our store to see our wide range of microwave ovens for sale in Cape Town.   

A&A Furnishers can supply you with reputable brands such as:

AEG microwave ovens
Bosch microwave ovens
Defy microwave ovens
Electrolux microwave ovens
Kelvinator microwave ovens
LG microwave ovens
Sharp microwave ovens
Siemens microwave ovens
Samsung microwave ovens
Whirlpool microwave ovens

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